Best Science Fiction Feature
Space Detective

Best SciFi Short
Choice in Quantum

Best Animation
Battledream Chronicle

Best Fantasy
I Witness

Best Thriller/Horror
Almost Dead

Best Comedy
This Papier Mache Boulder
Is Actually Really Heavy

Audience Choice Award
Quenottes (Pearlies)

Best Supernatural Film

Best Webseries/Newmedia

Best Florida Made Film
The Dawning

Best Student Made Film
Revenge of Scooter

Best Soundtrack
Space Detective

Best Music Video

Best Scientific MicroDoc
Life in the Infrared

Best Actor
Barrett Ogden
Creatures of Whitechapel

Best Actress
Britt Lower, Domain

Best Director
Jonathan Martin, Creatures of Whitechapel

Best Cinematography
Virtual Revolution

Best Visual Effects
Virtual Revolution

Best Musical Score
Simone Cilio
Art of Deception

Best Runner Up Musical Score
Stefan Kristinkov
1:31 AM

Runner up Best Actor
Carson Grant, Slayer A.D.

Runner up Best Actress
Claudia Clark, After Today

Honorable Mention
Creatures of Whitechapel

Best Sci FI Runner Up
Real Buddy

Best Sci FI Short Runner-up
Model No. Human

Best Science Fiction Screenplay
Cover Crop
Jeffrey Howe

Best Horror Screenplay
Kelly Karen Karam

Runner up Best Sci-Fi
Down and Out
Chase Kroll

Beacon Award
Yutang Wang
Choice in Quantum

Beacon Award
Alain Bidard
Battledream Chronicle

Beacon Award
Deependra Singh
I Witness

Beacon Award
Renchao Wang

The End of the Lonely Island

Lifetime Achievement Award
Russell Bates

Lifetime Achievement Award
William Grefe

Runner Up Best Fantasy
Beautiful Dream

Best Runner Up Thriller/Horror

Runner Up Best Animation
Peak Phosphorus

Runner Up Best Florida Made Film

Runner Up Best Supernatural Film
Fearnando: One Thousand and
One Creepy Stories

Runner Up Best Music Video

Runner up Best Webseries
Ascendants Anthology

Runner Up Best Director
I Witness

Runner up Best Set Design

Runner up Best Soundtrack
Slayer A.D.

Runner Up Best Scientific MicroDoc
Space Pirates

Screenplay Finalists

Bride in the Box
Whales Gone Wild

2017 Registered Sci-Fi Citizens

Russell Bates
Ji Shen
Blaine Smith
Antonio Llapur
Matt Sjafiroeddin
Steve Siceloff
Steven Payne
Gioia Massa
Thaddeus Cesari
Christian Nicolson
Thomas Seymour
Indie-Annie Jones
Tim Kulig
Jeff Carroll
William Grefe
Renchao Wang
Alain Bidard
Deependra Singh
Adam Cooper
Frank Mirbach
Jimmy Monack
Kamen Sway
Margie Kelk
Roxanne Holman
Salvatore Lizzio
Jason Apuzzo
Guy-Roger Duvert
Rena Yamamoto
Lily Connor
Aniruddha Pande
Steven Kelleher
Geoff O’Rourke
Kenny Heidt
Nathaniel Atcheson
Conscian Morgan
Bruce McAllister