MiSciFi provides several types of awards during the annual congress.


Best Florida Film – A Film which was produced in the State of Florida.
Best Animation Film – Best Animation, Cartoon, or Anime
Best Fantasy Film – Best Fantasy Feature or Short
Best MicroDoc – Best science documentary, any length
Best Comedy Film – Best Comedy, any length
Best Horror Film – Best Horrific Excellence!  Any length
Best Supernatural Film – Best Supernatural, Any length
Best Director – As described
Best Sci-Fi Short – As described
Best Actor/Lead – Best Actor in a male role
Best Actress/Lead – Best Actress in a female role
Honorable Mention – A film which was ranked second place by the audience
Best Sci-Fi Feature As described
Best Actor – Runner-up, Best Actor in a male role
Best Actress – Runner-up, Best Actress in a female role
Best Soundtrack – Film with the most exciting, thematic and creative soundtrack
Audience Favorite Award – As described
Young Prodigy / Best Student Film – As described
Sci-Fi Citizen Award – Presented to a person who has made great contributions to the fantastic genre
Best Cinematography – Presented to a person who’s camera captured the most fascinating optical eye candy either technically and/or artistically
Europa Award – Presented to a person who is recognized for considerable technical set design, and the creation of worlds.
Beacon Award – Presented to a filmmaker who produced a fantastic film in part of the world which such content is rare or new, (we want to see more of these).
Lifetime Achievement Award – A person recognized for the amazing contributions made to the fantastic world.
MicroDoc Runner-ups – Scientific short documentaries second or third ranked
Best Screenplay – As described
Screenplay Runner-ups, 2nd & 3rd prize – As described