Fiscal Sponsorship

MiSciFi is very excited to be able to offer tax-exempt status to qualifying groups who are engaged in activities related to our mission.  If you are interested in MiSciFi assisting your group contact us at

Submissions can be submitted at any time, however, we suggest that you submit during our open season.

Entities we sponsor

“Project Coral Reef: The Sound of Silence” by Prosperity For Humanity

A feature-length film project will provide a three-dimensional voyage through the ocean with an exciting underwater exploration of our world’s coral reefs, increasing awareness and supporting forward-thinking solutions for these fragile ecosystems. Prosperity For Humanity is a collaborative hub that endeavors to connect businesses, individuals and charitable organizations for the benefit of humanity. This film project fits the joint goals of Prosperity for Humanity and MiSciFi to increase understanding and knowledge.

Nerd Nite Boca Raton

Nerd Nite Boca Raton is a monthly meeting of the nerds. Our events strive to bring you intellectually, entertaining talks to broaden your nerdy knowledge.

Taste the Traditions of Nepal:

A research project set in Western Rural Nepal that studies ethnobotany and its application in medicine.
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