Invited Guests

Russell L. Bates is a Kiowa Native American disabled vet sci-fi writer from Oklahoma.  Born just before WWII, he was raised in Los Angeles during the war and was taught to read and write at age 3.  In public school in Oklahoma, he wrote stories just as a hobby.  In the USAF in the mid-60s, a duty accident hospitalized him for 9 months.  He wrote sci-fi stories to stay sane and discovered he was a writer. STAR TREK debuted and he wrote a ST story for a medic friend. Through friends, that story reached D.C. Fontana and she wanted it for ST’s third season.  But ST was moved to Fridays at 10, the staff quit, and the new people dumped all older stories.  The film industry was pressured by the Feds into diversity programs and Russell was named for the Writers Guild Minority program by Fontana, Roddenberry, and Coon.  Later as a TV writer, the Animated ST was created and Fontana solicited a Natvie American story from Russell.  With animator David Wise, they wrote “How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth,” which was produced and went on to win ST its only major Emmy Award.  He continues to write print stories today, after TV work was locked into staff writing in 1982.

Mr. Bates has three scheduled appearances.

A screenwriting workshop on Saturday 9 AM – Lecture Hall

2:45 PM Screening – How Sharper Than A Serpents Tooth – Star Trek Animated Series – Lecture Hall

3:15 PM – Lecture: Native Americans, Science Fiction & Star Trek

He will have a table for photos and autographs.tarTrek #NativeAmerican #RussellBates

Dean Lyon, a MiSciFi lifetime achievement award recipient, and Visual Effects Guru will share his journey through Space, Middle Earth, and Hollywood and share his vision on how we got here and where we are heading.

Mr. Lyon has contributed to over 50 Hollywood feature films (your favorite, may be on the list) and 100’s TV shows, commercials, and theme park rides. He is best known for his role as a Visual Effects Supervisor on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Mr. Lyon is our first Sci-Fi Citizen and will be in attendance during the following sessions.

Saturday, Jan 14th, 11:15 AM Lecture: “Everything you always wanted to know about Hobbits, Visual Effects, Avatars & Virtual Reality.”

Saturday, Jan 14th, 4:30 PM Panel: Science Fiction Brings Reality, STAR WARS

Sunday, Jan 15th, 4:45 PM  Awards Party

You can follow Mr. Lyon here

New Media Distribution, How to make, market and distribute your webseries workshop with Thomas Edward Seymour. Formerly with NBC digital Studios and Black20 will teach you how to create content, pitch ideas. His work and contribution of projects that aired on HBO, Hulu, and Troma Films will be full of expertise and insight for the aspiring and professional filmmaker.

You can follow Mr. Seymour on his website at

Jeff Carroll is a writer and a filmmaker.  He is pioneering what he calls Hip Hop horror, Sci/fi and fantasy. His stories always have lots of action and a social edge.  He has written and produced 2 films, Holla If I Kill You and Gold Digger Killer which won BEST Picture at the International Hip Hop film festival. He has published 6 books the novelization to Gold Digger Killer, Thug angel Rebirth of a Gargoyle and It Happened on Negro Mountain, Rasheeda the Zombie Killer, The Harlem Shake and Welcome to Boss Lady’s Planet.  His short stories have appeared in both The Black Science Fiction Society’s anthology and their magazine. He writes out of South Florida where he lives with his wife and youngest son.  Connect with him at his blog and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

MiSciFi 2017 is known for honoring filmmakers in the world of fantastic film. How could we ignore the opportunity to recognize of the Florida Greats in independent Florida film?
Mr. William Grefé is a rare Miami-born writer/director/producer who has kept the nation’s drive-ins, and video store shelves busy over the many decades. Cohorts Herschel Gordon Lewis and Doris Wishman were accessories all responsible for his South Florida exploits.
He is most famous for producing cult classics such as Death Curse of Tartu, The Sting of Death, Stanley, Mako: The Jaws of Death, Impulse and I eat your skin. Grefé’s fantastic realm includes psychopaths, zombies, and flesh-eating beasts.
Mr. Grefé’s talents were so well known that he was in the second production unit for the 007 thriller “Live and Let Die,” supervising shark and alligator scenes. Even William Shatner (Impulse) and Rita Hayworth (Naked Zoo) are in his line-up of Terror.
Mr. William Grefé’s work is well chronicled in his latest release “They Came From the Swamp,” a documentary available on Diabolik or via his website

Mr. Grefé has two scheduled appearances.

Will have a table during the festival for photos and autographs.

He will be recognized during the awards party.

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