Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival orbits over Miami

The Miami International Science-Fiction Film Festival returns for its 4th year January 13th – 16th at the Flamingo Theater and Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami. 62 films from 15 countries including New Zealand, China, India, Martinique, and Italy will be shown. Filmmakers from around the world will be attending the 2017 Festival.  Award winning International and local films of superior caliber will be screened Friday night at the Flamingo. Saturday and Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami.

January 13th kicks off at the Flamingo Theatre located at 905 Brickell Bay Drive. We will showcase Theatrical Screenplay performances, Horror films, Music Videos and Science Fiction films.  Opening with a New Zealand Sci-Fi comedy called “This Giant Paper Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy”.  Science Fiction films are now leading the film industry in revenue and nominations.  This exciting film extravaganza expands the international science fiction film market, bringing awareness to the Miami Film community and supporting local business.

Troy P. Bernier states, “Many of the festival attendees want to hang out with the filmmakers, so we have created a VIP badge and created space for them to do just that.”

There is a Screenplay workshop with Emmy Nominee Russell Bates, writer of the STAR TREK Animated series, “How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth.” which won an Emmy for Best Achievement in Children’s Television.  Russell Bates will lead the Saturday morning workshop and in the Saturday Afternoon screen “How Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth” with a discussion to follow.

FREE Saturday mornings!  The MICRO-DOC series of Scientific Short films return again. This session for families and school groups are highly recommended.    Our large venue accommodates schools and non-profit organization groups to enjoy this free film session.  MiSciFi is known for its outreach, sponsoring and attending film events, festivals, and comic-cons across the country.  As a bonus, the second Saturday session will be a free screening of family films.

“Our purpose is to enrich the local community with fantastic and educational films. Expanding science literacy is an important component of our work”.  Miami is a unique location which is benefiting from globalization”, states Mr. Bernier.

MiSciFi is a great organization for giving back to the community and Sponsorship can help us offer a better package to our filmmakers and patrons. With more sponsors, we can expand our mission to all parts of the city and globally.  The return would be considerable to the community if more attended.   Everyone always tells us how much they love our Science Fiction Film event and keep returning.

Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi) is, a 501c3 nonprofit, and a forum for filmmakers to showcase their work. Now in its fourth season, Miami’s only international science fiction film festival enriches the community with diverse, award-winning films and a fun, immersive experience. Founded in 2013 by scientists Troy P. Bernier, Eric Sweyn, and Edward Luis Figueroa, MiSciFi has become a leader in curating international independent films from 20+ countries 4 years in a row.

Troy P. Bernier