In addition to the screenplay competition, we offer additional analysis for the screenplay author. We define two other options, Alpha or Beta screenplay analysis.

To access the higher level of service, you must submit payment before the festival event begins. Please visit to pay and start the additional analysis. If you (screenplay submitter) attend the festival, we can provide the optional assessment at a discounted price payable with festival registration.

This competition is open to any screenplay submitter, ages 18 or older. Any genre will be considered, and it must be the original work of the author.
Anytime you send us your script, please register it with the Library of Congress. Provide a Copyright or WGA registration number (or foreign equivalent). PDF ONLY, no substitutes or new drafts will be accepted other than a separate submission and appropriate fee payment.

Sponsored by Final Draft and Backstage

Buy the Alpha Screenplay Package $150.00

3 – 5 pages of notes, detailing your plot points, that cover characters, plot, structure, dialogue, and concept.
A score rating
Specific suggestions on the script
A follow-up email where you can ask the reader questions

*Perfect for feature length scripts

Buy the Beta Screenplay Package $75.00

1 – 3 pages of notes, a discussion of your plot points, details that cover characters, plot, structure, dialogue, and concept.
A score rating

*Perfect for short scripts.


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