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Awesome prizes delivered too… 🙂

Award of Appreciation  .  Todd Cherniawsky

Award of Appreciation  .  Dr. George Gonzalez

Russell Bates Award  .  Adrian Powers and Jeff Barnaby  .  Brolga and Quantum Blood

Audiance Choice Award  .  CARGO .  Arati Kadav

Beacon Awards  .  (Stalag III-C, Belarus), (A Short Walk between Self and Noneself, Portugal), (Lift Off, Ireland)

1st Prize Screenplay: Time and Again – Reboot, Stuart Creque

2nd Prize Screenplay: Transference – Mark C. Spera

3rd Prize Screenplay: HR- Human Resource – Jen Grubbs

Screenplay Runner UP: Rib Meat – Josh Robbins

Musical Score 1st Prize – Corona-Lupta, Linda Reinhardt

Musical Score 2nd Prize – Agatha Christie on Stage, GimEnez Bros

Best Actor Feature  .  Stephen Birge .  Norman

Best Actress Feature  .  Míriam Tortosa  .  HOUS3

Best Actor Feature Runner UP  .  Vikrant Massey  .  CARGO

Best Actress Feature Runner UP  .  Shweta Tripathi  .  CARGO

Best Actor Short  .  Olaf Heggdal  .  The Restrictor

Best Actress Short  .  Nia Chanel  .  SOULS

Best Actor Short Runner UP  .  Trevor Jackson  .  UNREGISTERED

Best Actress Short Runner UP  .  Dylan Penn  .  UNREGISTERED

Best Supporting Actress Feature  .  Siri Nase  .  A Living Dog

Best Supporting Actor Feature  .  Rubèn Serrano  .  HOUS3

Best Supporting Actress Short  .  Hachi Wang  .  A.N.N.I.

Best Supporting Actor Short  .  Hans Christopher  .  Progeny

Best Set Design  .  Johannes Bade, Marcel Barion, Philipp Bojahr and Massimo Müller .  The Final Land

Best Set Design Runner Up  .  Misty Buzzacco  .  Awakening Exo®

Best Editing  .  Enrico Ferri  .  Spaces

Best Editing Runner Up  .  Nicholas Camp  .  Orbit

Augemented Reality / Virtual Reality Award  .  Eleven / Eleven  .  Mehrad Noori

Augemented Reality / Virtual Reality Runner Up Award  .  Lost in a Forgotten Place  .  Mona Kasra

Best Afrofuturism  .  SOULS  .  MALAKAI

Best Afrofuturism Runner Up  .  CHUMA  .  Faith Musembi

Best Practical Effects  .  The Final Land  . Johannes Bade, Marcel Barion, Philipp Bojahr and Massimo Müller

Best SciFi Comedy  .  I-Listen  .  Anne-Marie Symons

Best SciFi Comedy Runner Up  .  Hatch  .  Robin Macabulos

Best Soundtrack  .  The Fear of Looking Up  .  Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

Best Soundtrack Runner Up  .  Laura Fitz  .  Under a Silver Moon

Best SuperNatural Short  .  DISPEL  .  Kylie Eaton

Best Webseries   .  Good Genes   .  Hannah Welever

Best Made in Florida Film  .  Bodyhackers  .  Dale Metz, TL Westgate

Best Music Video  .  Nice Shoes  .  Tommy Mack and Jonathan Lawrence

Best Music Video Runner Up  .  Astronaut (by Jelly Bean)  .  Pierre Ponchant

Best Fan Film  .  Knightmare: Killing Joker  .  Jordon J Davis-Foss

Best Animation  .  SPIRIT: A Martian Story  .  Stimson Snead

Best Childrens Film  .  Lift Off  .  Kevin Hughes

Best Childrens Film Runner Up  .  Gun Metal Max  .  Jonathan Brooks

Best Scientific MicroDoc  .  BeeMe  .  Niccolo Pescetelli

Best MicroDoc Runner Up  .  Ghost in the Machine  .  Colin Ramsay and James Uren

Best Student Film  .  Truth.EXE  .  Ricky Townsend

Best Student Film Runner Up  .  Sami  .  Eden Bailey

Best Director  .  Manolo Munguia  .  HOUS3

Best Director Runner Up  .  Joel Guelzo  .  Norman

Best Director Short  .  CHUMA  .  Faith Musembi

Best Documentary  .  VHS Massacre Too  .  Thomas Seymour

Best Sci-Fi Webseries  .  Good Genes  .  Hannah Welever

Best Webseries Runner Up  .  Unadventurers  .  Lucas Durão

Best Cinematography Feature  .  The Final Land  .  Marcel Barion

Best Cinematography Runner up  .  Neon Rabbits  .  Kenny Sheard

Best Cinematography Short  .  Awakening Exo®  .  James Buzzacco

Best Supernatural Feature  .  The Fear of Looking Up  .  Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

Best Sci-Fi Thriller Feature  .  A Living Dog  .  Daniel Raboldt

Best Sci-Fi Thriller Runner Up  .  The Fear of Looking Up  .  Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

Best Sci-Fi Thriller Short  .  Progeny  .  Justin Daering

Best Sci – Fi Feature  .  CARGO  .  Arati Kadav

Best Sci – Fi Feature Runner Up  .  The Final Land  .  Marcel Barion

Best Sci – Fi Short  .  Ryoko’s Qubit Summer  .  Yuichi KONDO

Sci – Fi Short Runner Up  .  UNREGISTERED  .  Sophia Banks

Best Zero Budget Film  .  Deep Space  .  Gregory I. Hines

Sci-Fi Citizenship provided to all Attendees

2020 Awards Party was Sunday, April 12th at 5 pm.



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