I want to send a DVD or BluRay instead of using the screener

All subitted content is digital. Send us a direct download link via dropbox or some other utility.

Might I get a waiver code?

We only make waivers and/or accommodations for developing nations or economically challenged countries. If you reside in one of these countries, please contact us.

Can I send my screenplay via standard mail?

Due to volume no. We only can accept electronic submission as a PDF, it reduces paper and risk.

Can you attend our con and screen some of your films?

We would be honored, but it depends on several items that we must discuss. Complete the form linked here to get started;

LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QUuOAycHz1QTStHxMT83IUQEygBOpeQtJ52HJVQWtTg/viewform

What types of films are wanted for this festival?

We consider the designation ‘science fiction’ to be a somewhat narrow term to describe a much wider category of film. The term ‘fantastic film’ might be a better description because it encompasses fantasy, supernatural, horror, and all types of stories of the extraordinary. Anything that takes the viewer out of the everyday is suitable for the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival.

Feel free to visit our past festival programme to get an idea of what we screen.

How did three scientists become the founders of a film festival?

We have all enjoyed science fiction and fantasy stories since we were children, no doubt related to our interest in science. As we started producing our own films that were featured at film festivals, we started envisioning how a science fiction based film festival should be presented. And the final product was the Miami International Science Fiction Festival.

I might like to submit my film to your festival if it is a good fit. What are you looking for in style and theme this year? Gore? Suspense? Comedy horror? Is your festival against nudity? (I have two versions of my film, one with a topless shot and one without.) As an award winning film maker, does it increase my chances? Does that mean anything? It's okay to say "No". 🙂

Thanks for your email and looking at us. The easiest thing I can envision is to take a look at our history. Check out the history of horror/thriller films we select for the festival. I cannot think of a better way.

More to come...


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