Welcome to Season EIGHT!

The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival is one of the premier Science Fiction Film Festivals in the US. We bring you the very best filmmakers and writers to the retail capital on Planet Earth. Our multinational crew of scientists, creatives, and marketers are building a universe for SciFi fans and creators to deliver the very best films and screenplays to Miami, Florida.

We are so excited to have come thus far. This season’s theme is “The Community,” we are rooted in the Miami Community, so come see what’s occurring. With one festival pass, you will see cutting edge films, great performances, and we guarantee you will find yourself cheering for the hero. SciFi Miami is planning to kicks it off the 1st quarter of 2021.

The location is not yet set for obvious reasons, but we will make a final decision sometime during the Fall season.

Buy your festival pass while the deals last. Pass holders have first access to seats.


The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival is an experience. Not only for the attendee but the filmmaker too. We have meticulously selected films that represent the very essence of science fiction. As a result of our famous founders, we receive a considerable amount of films and screenplays from dozens of countries each year.



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