Welcome to Season SIX !

Here we go again!  On to other half a decade of films. We are all excited we have come thus far. This sixth season theme is the Colosseum, where the battle rages!  Friday, March 22nd to March 24th.

This 2019, we are planning our festival, screenplay event, and NEW (Film Market).  This sixth season we are working with a few distributors to help filmmakers with the business decisions of selling and distributing their films.

Sign up for important news as planning develops.  This is going to be an event you will never forget.


The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival is an experience. Not only for the attendee but the filmmaker too. We have meticulously selected films that represent the very essence of science fiction. As a result of our famous founders, we receive a considerable amount of films and screenplays from dozens of countries each year.