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We absolutely LOVE Science Fiction.  One of our missions is to support our creators with a platform to engage you.  We want them to tell their stories.

Cargo was more than a Screen Gem

It was Dec 20th, 2019 when the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi) received the feature film CARGO. It was directed and written by Arati Kadav, we were thrilled, not only because . . .

Good Genes, SOULS, Kitambo, & Attack of the Cyber Octopuses

Four films from the USA, Kenya, and Estonia. We will listen to the stories and experiences of the actors in these award-winning short films. Subscribe and set a reminder so you don’t miss the shows! Live and in Full Effect.

Cygnus Ingenium & Liftoff

Come with us behind the scenes as we speak with Kevin Hughes, Damien Donnelly, Steffen Hacker, and Hugo Félix Mercado.

Space Detective and Intercept

The creators of Space Detective, Intercept, and more!
Hear their stories from the other side of the lens.

Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy

It’s comedy time. This New Zealand gem will have you falling off your seat. An award winner at SciFi Miami! There was so much joy, the laughter made everyone laugh. 

Meet the Cast and Crew from the Sci-Fi Thriller Flora

The film won Best Soundtrack, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor, Best Science Fiction for a Feature. Yes, we were impressed, and you will be too. It’s independent Science Fiction at its finest.

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