Who comes to MiSciFi?

Excellent opportunities for journalists.

Definitions of press and journalism:

Freedom of the press. The right to circulate opinions in print without censorship by the government. Americans enjoy freedom of the press under the First Amendment (see also First Amendment) to the U.S. Constitution.

Move or cause to move into a position of contact with something by exerting continuous physical force.

More importantly, the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.

The SciFi Miami or also known as the MiSciFi festival is an international event with numerous seasons of amazing coverage.  We welcome the press and journalists to cover the event, interview our celebrities, and watch our films.  As in most science fiction, they are all truly worth having a conversation.

Send your request for press credentials email press_ at _miscifi.com along with links from at least two published articles.  Your report can be video, audio or articles which clearly articulate the definition of journalism.


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