The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival is one of the premier Science Fiction Film Festivals in the US. We bring you the very best filmmakers and writers to the retail capital on Planet Earth. Our multinational crew of scientists, creatives, and marketers are building a universe for SciFi fans and creators to deliver the very best films and screenplays to Miami, Florida.

We are so excited to have come thus far. This season’s theme is “The Community,” we are rooted in the Miami Community, so come see what’s occurring. With one festival pass, you will see cutting edge films, great performances, and we guarantee you will find yourself cheering for the hero.

We have over 50 films, screenplay performances, and a lecture series. Want to meet some of the filmmakers? Pick up a VIP pass (Available Soon) to have the grand opportunity to meet the people who created the films too.

The recently added categories are developing well. So plan to see more Afrofuturism, Drone Cinematography, Augmented Reality, and the hilarious late-night Zero Budget Film Session.

Buy your festival pass early while supplies last. Pass holders have first access to all amenities.

We believe science fiction and fantasy-themed films are the pinnacle of imaginative storytelling truly requiring innovation. Large-budget studio films have the advantage in visual effects and sets but the independent filmmaker can tell an even more inventive and entertaining story with limited resources. We want to see and showcase these creations and be a vehicle by which these films can reach a wider audience.



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