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An interesting read; More insight to the workings of how the human brain thinks. The original post can be found by opening the link here.

We often think of both the fantasy and science fiction genres as very closely related. Fans of one generally tend to be fans of the other, and it is often difficult to draw a distinct line between the two.

Good day readers! Today I’m going to do a bit of analysis (this will be lengthy, so please bear with me) and look into the big buzz of commercialization of space travel.

Good evening readers. As I write this, the European Space Agency’s Gravity and Ocean Mapping GOCE spacecraft is making its death plunge back through Earth’s atmosphere. Where it lands however is still a mystery to us all.

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Who love Sci Fi and many other types of fantastic film. We fully recall when imagination drove all of the creativity made into films. Innovation and creativity are the driving forces that produce Sci-Fi


MiSciFi is composed of people who not only like film but make film.  We know how the process works. No matter the budget, we appreciate the effort industry folks put into their craft.


You are the ones who make our festival!  We will put in the effort to promote your product. We use several forms of social media to get the word out.

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From Sci-Fi to Fantasy, from Horror to Anime, the new “Microdoc” and upcoming comedy in 2015. We enjoy giving back to the community.

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