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Every season we deliver a free Saturday morning selection of family-friendly films for the community.   (54 min) 

tonya almost saves earth


Jonathan Kitzen | USA | 17 min – Tonya is a 14-year-old high school girl who is not remarkable in any particular way. She is not the valedictorian or the star athlete, she is, however, the one person chosen at random and plucked off earth to defend humankind against imminent destruction by a consortium of Aliens who are convinced humans are the most violent, aggressive sentient beings they have ever encountered. Humans, the aliens believe, are a menace to the universal peace. For evidence, the Aliens show intercepted Hollywood movies which show human’s killing off one alien species after another.

Princess Sparkly Butt and The Hot Dog Kid – Based on a hit musical from The Toronto Fringe 2015, “Princess Sparkly Butt & The Hot Dog Kid” is an epic and absurd musical space quest about a tradition-defying Princess who discovers that she can control time with her butt. She must use her butt powers for good, not evil if she hopes to save her planet from totally exploding.

princess sparkly butt and the hot dog kid -1
The Discovery of Dit Dodson - 1

The Discovery of Dit Dodson – After the death of her granddad, the great healer Doc Dodson, 14-year-old Dit is sent to visit her widowed grandma in the Bayous of Louisiana. Soon thereafter, she realizes that she has inherited her granddad’s magical

Polybius – In 1981, a boy encounters a mysterious arcade game cabinet. When he plays it, he goes on an unexpected journey.

SOS -1

SOS – When Aria receives an SOS from her long-lost mother, she must travel to the farthest edge of space and unlock the mystery of the ship known as Somnius to find her.

ETA – An alien lost in space contacts a little girl he believes is Earth’s future leader and travels to her in search of water.



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