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SciFi Miami includes a wide range of SciFi, Fantasy, Horror/Thriller, to Suspense.  This season has been very competitive.  It has been such a challenge that we increased the number of venues to screen the films.  There will be over 70 films this season V.

Each film contains its unique quality that grabbed our eye during selection, and we know you will enjoy them too.


Friday, January 12th 2018
Wolfsonian Museum, South Beach

Music Videos

Fraktaal pic

Fraktaal | USA | 5:45 PM 1/12/18

A fantasy sci-fi short without a story.

Genre: Short Film

Time: 3 minutes and 35 seconds

Tomboi Rainbow Warrior

TOMBOi – Rainbow Warrior | USA | 5:48 PM 1/12/18

I’m tired of coming out, every time I meet somebody new. Having to explain myself just to demystify their taboos.

Genre: Music Video

Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Kanjo Novaa Melody of Need

KANJO Feat. NOVAA – Melody of Need | Germany | 5:54 PM 1/12/18

Living in a retro future the musician KANJO with the polygon tiger mask takes NOVAA on a trip with his converted floating classic car through breathtaking landscapes, passing mystic war robots and space shuttles which are lying still for an unknown reason.

Genre: Music Video

Time: 4 minutes

Cattivo call for the good king

Call For the Good King | USA | 5:57 PM 1/12/18

It’s never to late to go back.

Genre: Music Video

Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds

Mission to MArs

Mission to Mars | 6:01 PM 1/12/18

A solitary traveler follows a lifelong ambition.

Genre: Music Video

Time: 4 minutes

Moral Compass

Muuy Biien – Moral Compass | USA | 6:05 PM 1/12/18

Dominar Film’s music video for Athens band, Muuy Biien, visually puts the viewer in the shoes of a soon-to-be-husband heading off to marry his future wife: the bands lead singer, au Nosferatu-ale, in a gown and makeup. All goes well (and weird), until an unexpected guest strikes just after the first kiss. Was it the bride’s con? A suicide attempt? Aliens?

Genre: Music Video

Time: 4 minutes

2-10-4-6-1-2 portrait

2-10-4-6-1-2 | 6:08 PM 1/12/18

An outcast geek gets himself a spacesuit to travel to not so strange dystopian worlds.

Genre: Music Video

Time: 7 minutes 30 seconds

Sci Fi Short Films

Through Fire She Calls

Through Fire She Calls| 7:05 PM 1/12/18

A WW1 sniper jeopardizes his life to rescue a mysterious P.O.W. who holds the secret key to finding a way back home.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 9 min

Einstein-Rosen| USA |7:14 PM 1/12/18

Summer of 1982. Teo claims he has found a wormhole. His brother Óscar does not believe him… at least not for now.

Genre: Short Film

Time: 9 minutes


Earthlickers| Canada |7:23 PM 1/12/18

In a barren post-apocalyptic future, the seven sexy Goddesses of the Merkabatron descend upon a wretched Earth to convey the message that the Vibration of Love can heal all. A campy, erotic, science fiction comedy, this cinematic love child of Barbarella and Ed Wood Jr. will soon have your Titillator vibrating on a cosmic level.

Genre: Short Film

Time: 15 Minutes

Attack of the cyber octopus

Attack of the Cyber Octopus| Estonia |7:37 PM 1/12/18

Neo-Berlin, 2079. A dark city held by mega-corporations where the only way to enjoy life is by connecting into cyberspace. Here a team of detectives is investigating a new menace: an army of cyber octopuses that are terrorizing the government.

Genre: SciFi, Cyberpunk

Time: 20 Minutes

Tooth Fairy - Poster

Tooth Fairy| 7:57 PM 1/12/18
A young boy faces a dilemma, to kill his childhood or stay in an abusive home.

Genre: Fantasy – Short

Time: 12 Minutes


Breaker| Japan |8:45 PM 1/12/18

In tomorrow’s Tokyo, the technologically-enhanced body of a young mercenary hacker is overrun by a sentient data weapon. Wanted, the parasitic A.I becomes her only ally as she is chased across the city by those seeking to salvage it.

Genre: SciFi, Short Film

Time: 11 Minutes

Journey to planet x

Journey to Planet X| USA |8:55 PM 1/12/18

Two brutally violent mercenaries produce an independent film.

Genre: Documentary

Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Saturday, January 13th, 2018
Ashe Auditorium, James L. Knight Center

MicroDocs/Science Films 9 am in the Ashe Auditorium


Subtle Whisper of the Earth| Beatriz Gaite| 9:00 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 3 minutes


Fundamental Frequencies| USA |9:03 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 4 Minutes

Scientific mapping has entered the drone era

Scientific Mapping Has Entered the Drone Era| Canada |9:07 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 3 minutes


Go With the Flow| 9:09 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 5 Minutes

Northwest straits

Engaging Conservation Leaders – Northwest Straits Initiative| USA |9:15 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 5 Minutes

ICP 2016

“ICP 2016 A Message From the Future”| 9:19 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 2 minutes

aliens on earth

Aliens on Earth: From Caterpillar to Chrysalis| 9:21 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 4 minutes

Human made bubble

NASA’s Van Allen Probes Find Human-Made Bubble Shrouding Earth| USA |9:25 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 1 Minute

solar system

Where is the Edge of the Solar System?| USA |9:26 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 1 minute

electric wind on venus

Electric Wind of Venus| USA |9:27 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 3 minutes


Charlotte, A Gas Analyzer System on the Y-K Delta| USA |9:30 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 4 minutes 25 seconds

mud eruption

Scientists Determine Source of the World’s Largest Mud Eruption| USA |9:34 AM 1/13/18

Genre: Documentary

Time: 3 minutes

Children’s Session – Family Friendly

tonya almost saves the earth

Tonya Almost Saves the Earth| USA |11:30 AM 1/13/18

An unassuming 14 year old girl is abducted from Earth by Aliens and asked to explain Hollywood film and Donald Trump or our world will be destroyed.

Genre: Anime/Animation

Time: 17 minutes

Princess Sparkly butt

Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid| Canada |11:46 AM 1/13/18

A space exploring Princess discovers she can control time with her butt. Does this mean she has ‘the chosen butt’?

Genre: Family, Kids, Comedy, SciFi

Time: 7 minutes

The Discovery of Dit Dodson - 1

The Discovery of Dit Dodson| 11:53 AM 1/13/18

After the death of her granddad, the great healer Doc Dodson, 14-year-old Dit is sent to visit her widowed grandma in the Bayous of Louisiana. Soon thereafter, she realizes that she has inherited her granddad’s magical healing powers, which leads her to discover that granddad isn’t really dead. Now she must learn how to navigate her newfound powers in order to save him.

Genre: Kids

Time: 10 minutes

Polybius poster v1

Polybius| USA |12:03 PM 1/13/18

Genre: Kids

Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds

SOS -1

SOS| 12:08 PM 1/13/18

Genre: Kids

Time: 7 minutes


E.T.A | USA | 12:15 PM 1/13/18

An alien lost in space contacts a little girl he believes is Earth’s future leader and travels to her in search of water.
Genre: Kids

Time: 9 minutes


Scienstars | USA, North Carolina | 12:24 PM 1/13/18

Scienstars is an exciting new science fiction series designed to help teach science in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards*. Our mission: to entertain, educate, and inspire the next generation of scientists!

Time: 30 minutes

Shorts 2

what if -1

What If| Germany |1:30 PM 1/13/18

What if?

Genre: SciFi

Time: 16 minutes


Surren| Australia |1:46 PM 1/13/18

A young policeman in a dystopian future is forced to break the law he swore to uphold in order to save his unborn child.

Genre: SciFi, Drama

Time: 10 minutes


Revelation – The City of Haze| 1:55 PM 1/13/18

After witnessed his mother’s death in a riot, the boy named Mai broke down and could not remember his own name since. One day, a girl named Yi, who’s a scavenger, found Mai in a garbage can and brought him back to the City of Haze. From then on, they lived together and depended on each other for survival. Mai, though suffered from mental disorder, grew up together with Yi in the City of Haze. A decade later, riot reoccurred in the city and reminded Mai the death of his mother . So he stood out and fought with the robot police. At last, Yi died in the chaos; Mai lost a leg and was arrested. During his years in prison, old Mai felt he owed Yi too much and could not stop thinking about her . He created a robot with recycled iron which looks exactly like Yi. One day, he decided to escape from the prison together with robot Yi, but his attempt failed…

Genre: Anime/Animation

Time: 14 minutes

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy| 2:09 PM 1/13/18

A man in a time loop must work with his brother to prevent a catastrophic fire.

Genre: SciFi Short Film

Time: 15 minutes

Dystopian Feature


Sojourn| 1:45 PM 1/13/18

After Dr. White made the discovery of warp gravity quantum flux mechanics in 2025, NASA started the Kepler missions throughout the solar system and out to the first exoplanets.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 12 minutes

Kill Switch| USA |1:57 PM 1/13/18

Set in a future version of the world, the video game style plot follows an experiment for unlimited energy, harnessing parallel universes, which goes wrong. Chased by drones and soldiers, pilot and physicist Will Porter must race through an imploding world to get the Redivider box to a tower, which will save humanity, including his family, in the real world.

Genre: SciFi Feature Film

Time: 1 hour 31 minutes


an orphan in time poster miscifi portrait

An Orphan in Time| USA |3:00 PM 1/13/18

In the future time travel is routine, but you can never return. One girl must make the ultimate sacrifice to save everything.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 8 minutes

Tangent room

Tangent Room| Sweden |3:08 PM 1/13/18

Trapped in a room with only a series of numbers to help them, four scientists race against time to prevent a cosmic collapse.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 1 hour 6 minutes

Future Worlds

One of Them| Switzerland |4:00 PM 1/13/18

In a future not far from ours, where man has exhausted all energy resources, Gaia and David, two kids, are forced to team up in a desperate attempt to survive a world turned hostile. Their last chance is the colony.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 17 minutes

Thirteenth Dimension

Thirteenth Dimension| Russia |4:17 PM 1/13/18

A young physicist’s girlfriend dies in a car accident, and he invents a device to go to parallel worlds to find his girlfriend. He comes to one of the worlds and finds her there, but soon he realizes that this is a different person.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 30 minutes

Bio punk

Biopunk| United Kingdom |4:47 PM 1/13/18

Set in a world devastated by a mysterious virus, the human race no longer finds itself the dominant species. Decades of infection have transformed swathes of the population. These new breeds have become known as Altereds. Corralled into ghettos and treated as second-class citizens, a fragile new world has emerged.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 7 minutes

The Iris Echo

The Iris Echo| United Kingdom |4:54 PM 1/13/18

New Slavoski, a secretive and ruthless totalitarian state ruled under the iron fist of the ‘Dear Leader’.

Genre: SciFi, Thriller

Time: 24 minutes


The Onlookers| Australia |5:18 PM 1/13/18

In our world time has become fragmented. ‘Time holes’ are suddenly appearing in any place and at any time. Revealing either the past or the future in that very location.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 11 minutes

Shorts 3

Aether Poster

AETHER| 4:55 PM 1/13/18

Three men stranded aboard a time traveling vessel unravel a mysterious dream with the power to take them beyond space, time, and reality.

Genre: Short Film

Time: 20 minutes


FUGAZI| Belgium |5:14 PM 1/13/18

2039: ADELE has been working for more than 3 years on ORBIT DEFENCE, a space station in charge of Earth security using drone pilots. Today, is her last routine mission, before she returns home to meet her family, especially her daughter. Without taking Murphy’s Law into account…

Genre: SciFi, Women

Time: 28 minutes 30 seconds

How to be human| United Kingdom |5:43 PM 1/13/18

Set in the near future of a dystopian London, with a scarily relevant and frighteningly foreboding reality, HOW TO BE HUMAN explores the dire consequences of a world without humanity, as two sisters, BAFTA-winner Sophie Kennedy Clark and newcomer Louise Salter, try to escape their war-torn country.

Genre: SciFi, Drama

Time: 14 minutes

real artists

Real Artists| USA |5:57 PM 1/13/18

In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern ‘creative’ process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

Genre: SciFi, Drama

Time: 12 minutes


The Cell – Original Series| Not Specified |6:09 PM 1/13/18

An unauthorized government experiment leads to tragedy, cover-ups, murder, corporate espionaje, revenge, and the formation of a team of unlikely heroes fighting the system against all odds.

Genre: Web/ New Media

Time: 8 minutes


YO SOY PEDRO| France |6:17 PM 1/13/18

In 1977 the American officers Banks and MacKenzie meet an alien who crashed on earth. The officers believe the alien is an actor in a alien-suit.

Genre: SciFi, Comedy

Time: 10 minutes 35 seconds

Time Distortions


IMMERSION| USA |6:00 PM 1/13/18

A man mysteriously finds himself in a room with a couple dead guys, a gun, some money, and a dubious gentleman observing from the shadows. Little does he know that he’s in a VR parole hearing, and what happens next is “virtually” criminal.

Genre: SciFi, Thriller

Time: 6 minutes 30 seconds

teleios poster

TELEIOS| USA |6:08 PM 1/13/18

Five genetically engineered “perfect” humans are sent on a rescue mission to Titan, where only one man has survived a ruined expedition to retrieve a vital cargo. Under the stress of isolation in outer space, the five perfect humans begin to exhibit formerly-concealed character flaws that threaten to tear the mission (and their chances for survival) apart

Genre: SciFi

Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

Alternate History


Latched| Canada |7:00 PM 1/13/18

A choreographer pursues creative inspiration at a cottage retreat while attempting to wean her demanding toddler — and unknowingly awakens a vile fairy corpse in the process. When she discovers the creature’s terrifying intentions, she will have to put her creativity to good use to lure the repugnant beast.

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Time: 17 minutes

Flora| United Kingdom |9:00 PM 1/13/18

In 1929, an expedition of university botanists enter an uncharted forest where they discover, and must escape an ancient organism.

Genre: SciFi Feature Film

Time: 1 hour 44 minutes

Shorts 4

Metta via

Metta Via| 7:45 PM 1/13/18

Deliverance is initialized’. Set in the future It tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a mysterious ‘temple like’ room and must figure out what her purpose is there. This in turn leads to her memories being unlocked and the true purpose of the temple, the strange sentient machines that surround her, and ultimately her final destination.

Genre: SciFi Short Film

Time: 10 minutes

Poster RC comp

Real Connection| USA |7:55 PM 1/13/18

Cedric, a self-conscious young man, is convinced by his friend to try the new auto-conversation features of a popular dating app: Real Connection.

Genre: SciFi Romance, Florida Film

Time: 12 minutes


Echo and Solomon| Canada |8:06 PM 1/13/18

Two women living in isolation, struggle to survive in a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Genre: SciFi, Women

Time: 11 minutes

New york 2150

New York 2150| USA |8:17 PM 1/13/18

Intergalactic bounty hunter Jayden Jaxon partners with ex-cop Mac Cole to track down a psychotic killer for a generous fee. When their search brings Jayden back to his hometown, the ghosts of his past haunt every corner of New Manhattan.

Genre: SciFi, Action

Time: 20 minutes

play rewind play

Play Rewind Play| Canada |8:37 PM 1/13/18

Jolene and Jeffery meet on the night that he dies. In a few short years, time travel is available to the public and commonly used by everyone. Jolene spends her days revising that one night over and over, watching it like a movie again and again. She lives in a loop until a kind old lady interjects with some eerie advice.

Genre: SciFi, Drama Romance

Time: 11 minutes


ISABELLA| 8:48 PM 1/13/18

An AI expert is assigned to test a problematic maid droid that starts singing spontaneously, and in the end, digs out an astounding secret.

Genre: Student Short Film

Time: 12 minutes

Hard Science Fiction

Screenplay Performance, Two| 9:30 PM 1/13/18

Genre: Screenplay

Time: 10 minutes


The Boogeys| Canada |9:40 PM 1/13/18

On a future Earth transformed into a planetary ghetto by alien overlords, Dawkins, a cop-turned-pickpocket, tracks down a missing child about to be sold to the ‘Boogeys.’ The encounter will determine the child’s fate and his redemption.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Film Noir, Thriller, Horror, Creature

Time: 15 minutes

Yesterday Last Year| Canada |9:55 PM 1/13/18

A love triangle gets even more complicated once a time machine enters the picture.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 1 hour 16 minutes

Shorts 5


Father| United Kingdom |9:20 PM 1/13/18

A young boy lives with his mother who is not terribly interested in giving him the attention he needs. There is also a father figure, but unfortunately for the boy, he is much worse…

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Time: 10 minutes

Paul_sBadDay poster final

Paul’s Bad Day| 9:29 PM 1/13/18

After blacking out, Paul wakes to find his world changed forever.

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Time: 2 minutes


Kuru| USA |9:31 PM 1/13/18

A man yearns to escape the familial obligation of murdering strangers to feed his brother

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Time: 17 minutes


Ghost App| USA |9:48 PM 1/13/18

It’s just like any other night for Sher as she sits down to watch the newest Netfilx movie. However on this night she will receive a text from a stranger offering her a chance to download a new app. One that will let her see what can not be seen with the naked eye, The Other Side. But this app comes with a warning, a warning Sher will ignore, a warning for all users that something may be waiting for them on the other side.

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Time: 12 minutes 30 seconds

Pax Masculina | USA | 10:01 PM 1/13/18

In the US in 2010, a misogynistic, totalitarian regime has created a century of peace and prosperity but are violently opposed by the Women’s Resistance Movement.

Genre: SciFi, Action

Time: 18 minutes


Doll | Australia | 10:19 PM 1/13/18

A girl trapped in a house where an evil nesting doll captures souls

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Time: 6 minutes


Evströnger | Spain | 10:25 PM 1/13/18

Marta and David are a couple politically committed and somewhat anti-capitalist. They try to do things right, like everyone else, being consistent with their values. In spite of it, the parents of Marta have given them a practical piece of furniture of a well-known Scandinavian brand that they must mount themselves. However the “Evströnger” assembly manual will order them to do something else … Will they follow the instructions to the letter? Or, on the contrary, will they escape from the diabolical capitalist loop that grips us all …?

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Darkcomedy

Time: 3 minutes

The Prevailing Winds_PortraitPoster

The Prevailing Winds | United Kingdom | 10:28 PM 1/13/18

A lone hiker searches the moors for her sister despite an invisible deadly toxin that could overtake her the moment the wind changes.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Suspense, Thriller

Time: 12 minutes

curse of the flesh

Curse of the Flesh | France | 10:40 PM 1/13/18

Invisible men aboard a pirate ship land on an exotic island, where they hope to find a stone that will free them from their invisibility. But this island is inhabited by a tribe of warrior women who worships the mysterious stone…

Genre: Anime/ Thriller

Time: 17 minutes

The last supper

The Last Supper | Florida | 10:57 PM 1/13/18

A gang of mobsters creates a world for themselves that is not so fitting for the people around them.

Genre: Comedy

Time: 5 minutes

Sunday, January 14, 2018
The Flamingo Theater

Shorts 6


Filling In | USA | 12:30 PM 1/14/18

A gentle giant of a man, down on his luck, consider a risky and covert career path.

Genre: Fantasy – Short

Time: 22 minutes

TheFearWithin poster1

The Fear Within | USA | 12:52 PM 1/14/18

Intent on selling his next bomb shelter, The Architect leads The Client and The Engineer on a tour through the shelter. While The Engineer details the technical, The Architect describes every luxury feature, relying on his charm to close the deal. However, the one detail he forgets is that The Client has already taken the tour, has already purchased a shelter. Now trapped below ground with an unsatisfied customer, The Architect must come to terms with the consequences of cutting corners and all three men realize that there is only one way out.

Genre: SciFi / Outer Limits

Time: 8 minutes

The Tolls | USA | 1:00 PM 1/14/18

The final days of WWII. While mourning the loss of his wife at sea, Corporal Wes Morris confronts a mysterious stranger who has infiltrated his base. The intruder possesses a top secret S.S. technology which transports them to a Nazi-occupied San Francisco. Here, Wes will put the lives of millions at risk in order to reunite with his lost love.

Genre: Sci-fi, drama, romance, war, action, mystery, adventure, thriller

Time: 20 minutes


Aurea | USA | 1:20 PM 1/14/18

In an old dark long-forgotten world where people are starving, being evicted or simply disappearing without a trace, the next group of adventurer gets the word that they are leaving tomorrow in the morning train to a more colorful world where they can finally be happier with a more fulfilling life.

Genre: Retro-futuristic, Steampunk

Time: 15 minutes

The name that separates

The Name That Separates | USA | 1: 35 PM 1/14/18

A woman finds herself at the center of a CIA investigation after she becomes the only known survivor to encounter a mysterious being. In order to make sense of the tragic events in her life, questions begin to arise as to why she was chosen by the supernatural entity and how was she able to survive.

Genre: SciFi Short Film

Time: 6 minutes


Steamwrecked | USA | 1:35 PM 1/14/18

After their lightning catching zeppelin crashes, Rowe and her Captain August must protect their haul from lurking scavengers as they struggle to survive in the harsh desert.

Genre: Steampunk, SciFi

Time: 17 minutes 30 seconds

Shorts 7

Poster Colour

Kessler Syndrome | Canada | 2:30 PM 1/14/18

Astronaut Jack Harrison attempts to navigate a dense debris field that stands between him and survival, while also starting to put together the horrifying truth of what his future holds. The film explores the idea of what it means to be human in a world reliant on technology and automation, and whether human emotions of love and loneliness can transcend time and space.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 18 minutes

te makutu

Te Makutu | New Zealand | 2:47 PM 1/14/18

Two star-crossed lovers in colonial New Zealand incur the wrath of a deadly spirit that follows them into the present where they must decide between lives apart or love and death.

Genre: History, Fantasy, Drama

Time: 20 minutes


Synchronous | Colombia | 3:07 PM 1/14/18

Hilbert, whose consciousness has the ability to live in two parallel worlds simultaneously, must help a dangerous gangster to win a bet. But everything changes when he meets Ana

Genre: SciFi, Thriller

Time: 14 minutes


2BRO2B: To Be Or Naught To Be | Canada | 3:21 PM 1/14/18

Set in a dystopian future where the population is strictly controlled, a Father waits for his children to be born. In a deserted hospital waiting room, one man must ask himself exactly what he is willing to do, to give his children a chance at life, any life at all.

Genre: SciFi

Time: 15 minutes


Mirrored | USA | 3:36 PM 1/14/18

In the brain-twisting sci-fi short film “Mirrored,” resurrection is a reality for those who can afford the price. So when Derek Krat is brought back to life, everything feels right in the universe. Until he finds out that things have gone terribly wrong. Before he was resurrected, he never actually died. Now merely an unnecessary copy, his creators want to erase his mind and cover their mistake, but Derek has other plans. He narrowly escapes and sets out to survive at all costs. With armed guards in hot pursuit, how far will he go to save himself and prove that he may be a clone, but he is not redundant.

Genre: SciFi, Action, Drama

Time: 25 minutes

The Wicked End

The Wicked End | USA | 4:01 PM 1/14/18

Two aging superheroes, who find themselves increasingly irrelevant, reminisce on their glory days while a bomb ticks toward their demise.

Genre: Fantasy- Short

Time: 11 minutes

Screenplay, Performance Four | USA | 4:40 PM 1/14/18

Genre: Screenplay

Time: 20 minutes

Awards Party

nation of love

Nation of Love | 5:00 PM 1/14/18

Love powers the city, undivided we are one.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Time: 4 minutes

Oompa Poster

Oompa | USA | 5:04 PM 1/14/18

When Hiphop is in peril, it is up to the guardians to secure the last remaining warriors of Hiphop that have been sealed in a powerful orb. The architects of the industry want to destroy the remaining creative minds locked in the orb, so that they may dumb down society and manipulate the minds of the masses.

Genre: Sci Fi Music Video / Live Performance

Time: 13 minutes


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