SciFi Miami understands visualization projects are becoming more infused with real-world applications.  Where science fiction meets science fact, this is a reality for all to explore and enjoy.

This season we offered the community to share its projects, concepts and, ideas.

All workshops and panels require a festival pass, listed below.

Praveen Yalamanchi

Praveen Yalamanchi  @pravvy

Nice fellow, Programmer & XR Filmmaker

He is an avid tinkerer/maker and will be showcasing amazing hologram, VR, & augmented reality (including soundscapes) filmmaking techniques throughout the festival.

Prav has won some the largest startup competitions in Silicon Valley, LA, and Miami including eMerge Americas.

Known for movies on Netflix / Amazon Prime and the first two VR zombie films.

Hosted BollywoodVR, sponsored by AMD, and other tech-oriented entertainment festivals. He is very active in the Miami game developer (Unreal Florida) and blockchain scenes (EOS / Telos Miami).

Was sponsored by AMD / Radeon and launched the VR edition of the largest grossing Bollywood movie in history

Dwight Goins

Magic Leap / Volumetric Capture Workshop | Sunday 1:35 PM 3/24/19

Dwight Goins is the Chief Algorithm Officer (CAO) of both Thoth Speed Engineers and NEDD Tech Inc, and a Solutions Architect at JM Family Entreprises (JMFE). As CAO, He creates business and technical formulas to better position Thoth Speed Engineers, and NEDD Tech to succeed through proof of concepts, decision making, and communication with other fellow Officers of NEDD Tech and other fortune 500 companies. He is the founder of the Magic Leap Developers Slack Channel and has been a host for the Miami Climate Change Hackathon with MIT

Time: 2 hours

Jeff Sass Headshot Square (1)

Jeff Sass – Panelist

Chief Marketing Officer-.CLUB Domains and author of “Everything I Know about Business and Marketing, I Learned from THE TOXIC AVENGER.”

While early in his career Jeff Sass was making B movies for Troma, he has spent more recent years in the C-suite as a COO, CEO and currently as CMO CLUB Domains, one of the new top-level domain name extensions. With a career spanning the entertainment, computer game, mobile and Internet worlds, he has written and produced for film & TV, and he has been a tech startup entrepreneur. A graduate of Cornell University, Jeff is a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship, mobile marketing, domain names social media. He has had articles published in FORBES, ENTREPRENEUR, AdAge, and many other publications. As the father of three, he has also been a prolific “Dad Blogger” participating in influencer campaigns for brands including Intel, Sony, Ford, LG, Asus, and others.

Daniel Cuadra
MOCAP workshop

Virtual Reality: Motion Capture for Live Action.


Amir Rubin – Panelist

Amir graduated UF Computer Engineering (ECE) in 2003 and co-founded Prioria Robotics during his last year of school. At Prioria, he helped develop vision-based navigation systems for small UAVs. Amir’s work in 3D imaging continued in 2010 when he developed a device using 3D cameras to weigh cows for which he was awarded a patent. Amir was the first employee at Gainesville based Shadow Health, which develops 3D-immersive healthcare training simulations. In 2013, Amir co-founded Paracosm, which develops 3D-mapping devices to digitize reality. In 2017, Paracosm was acquired by Occipital Inc, an industry-leading spatial computing company.


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