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We agree that Film festivals can play an essential role during the release of films. To this day, many are still a primary source of credibility for the viewer base. If a movie can perform at several well-published festivals, that effort can be leveraged to market to a fan base to produce the momentum necessary for a successful distribution release. 

What that illustrates is the importance of a solid strategic marketing plan to improve your chances for commercial success. Now do understand these comments are elementary if the creative does not adequately plan nor scope out the finer details in pre-production magic. Items such as casting, acting, set design, pre and, post technical attributes that make the most critical part, “The Story” come to life.

We at MiSciFi (SciFi Miami) understand these characteristics and offer the community a filmmarket to assist in the preparation of the acquisition and/or distribution process of your films.

Invited distributors

The filmmarket is open to the public; please pre-register via the following link


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